A STUNNING art installation which literally brings Van Gogh's greatest works to life has made its UK premiere in York.

Black-out blinds and dozens of projectors have transformed the former church, York St Mary’s on Castlegate, into a projected gallery of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous works.

The Northern Echo:

The exhibition, titled Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience provides a new perspective on the artworks, taking the original paintings and projecting them onto walls, screens and even the roof.

But what really sets the exhibition apart is digital animation technology that enables elements of the paintings to come alive, such as wheat swaying in the breeze, water pouring out of the painting’s frame and stars twirling and swirling in the night sky.

The Northern Echo:

Mario Iacampo, of Exhibition Hub behind the installation, said: “This is a remarkably engaging way of adding a new dimension to some of the finest and most famous paintings of the 19th century – a gallery displaying over 200 of Van Gogh’s best-known works, where the paintings come alive before your eyes,”

Pre-booked tickets for timed slots are available, admission is £13 adults, £9 children.