EMERGENCY services personnel are working together to warn people about the consequences of bad driving.

The story of a serious road accident told from the perspective of four different people - a member of each of the emergency services and the sister of the person involved in the crash - will be featured in a demonstration at the RNLI Emergency Services Weekend in Whitby on June 15 and 16.

Teams from North Yorkshire Police, fire service, ambulance and the 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership will all collaborate to deliver the demonstration.

The dramatic conclusion is scheduled to take place at 2.30pm on the Saturday when firefighters will give a live demonstration of how they go about cutting the roof off a crashed car after an accident, to get someone out who might have spinal or other serious injuries.

The “Actions have Consequences” project was originally designed to reach young people who are a vulnerable road user group and raise awareness that driving safely could literally be a matter of life or death.

Present at the demonstration will be Tiffany Rollins who tells the poignant story of how she felt when her brother died when his car veered onto the wrong side of the road at speed and hit an oncoming vehicle, and how it affected her and other people.

Ms Rollins said: “I help with the presentations to push road safety to other young adults as I aim to prevent more road traffic collisions in the area. Most people think that these things won’t happen to them and that they’re invincible, when in fact it can happen to anyone.”