THE producer of a pioneering television programme on Netflix will take part in a talk during an event in the county.

Russell McLean who produced Black Mirror:Bandersnatch for Netflix will discuss the production behind the innovative episode on Monday, June 10.

The talk is being held at The Grand Ballroom at The Grand Hotel in York city centre as a one-off event hosted by the Guild of Media Arts, in partnership with York Mediale.

Mr McLean, who produced Netflix's first interactive film, developed the idea where members of the audience could choose their 'scene,' which leads to an 'ending' based on an earlier selection.

Set in 1984, the spin-off of the popular Black Mirror franchise, focusses on a young computer programmer who begins to 'question' reality as he produces a new video game.

Throughout the episode, viewers are given two options where they choose, via their remote, what the main character does during key moments in the special episode.

In 2019, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch won the Broadcasting Press Guild TV and Radio Awards' Innovation Award, whilst it has since been nominated for two rival awards.

Industry-expert Sharon Reid, who co-owns The Imaginarium Studios, will also attend the talk to discuss the future of story-telling in this way.

The talk will begin at 7.30pm and is expected to end at 9.30pm. Tickets are £10 for adults and can be purchased online at