RESIDENTS are being given the opportunity to revisit their village as it was 108-years-ago.

The Great Ayton History Society group is set to launch its 'Our Village in 1911' project later this month, which will offer residents and visitors the chance to go back in time and see what life was like before the First World War.

The society, which claims it has spent more than a year researching old residents, said 2,398 people lived in the wider Great Ayton area according to the census data recorded in 1911.

Organising, David Taylor secretary of the Great Ayton History Society, said: “We began to discover just how many families were new arrivals in the village and that sparked our interest.

"The 1911 is the last available census so it made sense to base our research around it."

According to fascinating research, many residents at the time had moved to the village from various parts of the United Kingdom.

The society claimed a family from Cornwall were amongst some of those employed in the mining industry who had chosen to migrate to Great Ayton.

On Tuesday, May 21 the society will display old maps, photographs, census returns and stories of those who lived in Great Ayton 108-years-ago.

The display will be held at Great Ayton's Discovery Centre on the High Street.

Mr Taylor added: "People can come and search out their homes and families, discover more about the village and leave comments or questions which will be followed up by the Society.

“Later we hope to conduct a talk session which will bring the 1911 Great Ayton to life for the audience.”