SWIM star Evie Dilley is celebrating after taking two golds and a bronze medal at the English School Swimming Association Championships recently.

Evie, a student at Stokesley School, received her medals in the 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle events at the gala.

The Year 8 student was delighted to represent the North East squad and swam in three team competitions, securing a gold and bronze in these events, helping the team to win the overall championship.

Evie swims for the Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club, training at the Neptune Centre in Berwick Hills, Middlesbrough. She attends seven sessions every week, totalling around 13 hours in the water plus three hours’ land training.

Evie said: “I would love to make a career out of swimming and ultimately go to the Olympics. I have made many friends through swimming and not just from Middlesbrough ASC. I love to compete and enjoy travelling up and down and the country on a weekend to try and swim the best I can.”

Evie regularly competes and every Saturday morning she travels from home at 6:30am to go to Sunderland Aquatics Centre to train with other elite athletes in the North East region, to gain valuable experience of training in a 50 metre pool. Evie was asked to participate on this performance program based on her success in the pool at competitions and her rankings in the UK.

Tom Harforth, Head Coach at Middlesbrough ASC, commented: “Evie's commitment and dedication to her swimming is exceptional and her work ethic is first-class. She always arrives at training with a smile on her face and leaves with an even bigger smile on her face. It is evident to see just how much she loves her swimming and it is a pleasure to coach her. Her previous and current achievements, I feel, are just the foundations and these will be the platform for her future successes within the sport. Keep up the good work Evie!”