A TANTALISING exhibition showcasing the world-famous Kit Kat has opened.

The several-month long exhibition tells the secrets behind the chocolate wafer's ingredients and history.

Created in the City of York more than 80-years-ago, the Kit Kat is still produced by Nestle in the city.

Exhibition coordinator Bernie Fleck said: “There’s never been a product quite like Kit Kat – everybody knows what it is.

“This exhibition offers a unique insight into the history of York’s most iconic export.

"We all have a memory associated with Kit Kat, from the snack in your packed lunch, to the rare and wonderful treat you picked up in Japan.

"Its story is a fascinating one, involving ground-breaking marketing, revolutionary manufacturing and 17th century mutton pies."

Interestingly, the blue Kit Kat features in the chocolate exhibition.

In an attempt to hide the fact that the Kit Kat recipe was temporarily altered during the Second World War rations, bosses decide to turn the bar blue.

The exhibition Breaking The Mould: The Story of Kit Kat will remain open until December 31. The exhibition is being held at York's Chocolate Story on King's Square. For more information visit yorkschocolatestory.com.