CREATIVES from across the North-East have been encouraged to pitch their best ideas for events to be held in a major city over the summer period.

City of York Council have set aside around £30,000 for the 'cultural projects' to bring the Castle Gateway area of the city to life.

The council is hoping the area, which spans the distance from Ouse to Fossgate, will be a lively place between July and November, later this year.

Tom Higham creative director of York Mediale, who are working on behalf of the council, said: "The area included within the Castle Gateway boundaries is incredibly diverse, incorporating the Ouse and Foss riversides, public green areas, three car parks, museums, monuments, a shopping centre – so the potential for using different aspects of this zone are immense.

"This space sits at the heart of the city, and it is incredibly exciting that we are handing over the space to York residents to show us some of the potential of the site.

"There is a real opportunity here to imagine and prototype ideas for the future of a newly developed, but historically significant, public space.”

Applicants are being asked to submit proposals for 'spectacular' events, which includes a full breakdown of the money required, and demonstrate the capacity expected from the event.