YOUNGSTERS who are passionate about saving the planet have taken part in a village litter pick in a bid to do their bit for the environment.

Charlotte Littler, 10, recycling manager at Barton Church of England Primary School, near Darlington, organised a whole school litter pick after being shocked at pictures of the affects of litter on sea creatures and wildlife on television and online.

She said: "There have been lots recently on the news and online about the affects rubbish on animals, so I thought we should do something about it in our village.

"We collected 10 bags of rubbish in one hour. It was Earth Hour at the weekend so at school we did our own Earth Hour by only using electricity that was totally necessary."

Charlotte said as recycling manager at school, she collected paper and cardboard for recycling each day, and also checked taps before and after break times.

She added: "We are also going to do the 'Big Battery Hunt' and get our parents to bring in old batteries to recycle.

"The best bit about the litter pick was that lots of adults saw and joined in as well."

Charlotte's teacher, Andrew Weighman, added: "We have an eco team in charge of recycling and they had a meeting where they came up with the idea.

"The litter pick went really well, the children will give an assembly on it and there will be notice in the parish newsletter."