A DARK matter detector, which has helped scientists understand the universe, will be on display at Whitby Museum.

The Zeplin-III was used at the Boulby Underground Laboratory near Whitby, whilst researchers used it to establish unknown particles in the universe.

As part of the upcoming exhibition at the museum, 'Whitby and the Cosmos: the Search for Dark Matter,' the equipment was donated by the Imperial College London.

The exhibition will educate visitors on the Yorkshire town's role in the search for dark matter, and will begin on February 16 until July 20.

Once the exhibition ends, the Zeplin-III detector will remain at the museum, just minutes away from where it was operational.

Whitby Museum curator Roger Osborne said: “We’re thrilled to be getting this beautiful and cutting-edge piece of scientific equipment for the museum.

“The exhibition will be spectacular, a real treat for visitors.”

The donation of the equipment was organised by the dark matter expert, Professor Henrique Araujo at Imperial College.

He is also helping with development of radiation detection instruments used on spacecraft.