A MENTAL health charity is looking for more volunteers to join its ranks.

Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Mind is recruiting more people to help in Ryedale, as it has a waiting list of local people needing support.

The group helps up to 600 local people every year with a range of mental health problems.

It currently has nine active volunteers in Ryedale who give social, emotional and practical support as well as information and advocacy and the charity is looking for others to support its Side by Side project in the area.

Natalie Miles, volunteer co-ordinator for SWR Mind said the charity is keen to hear from anyone who would like to share an interest to make a difference to someone’s life.

She said: “We have service users in the area who have varied interests such as modern railways, places of historical interest, yoga, arts and crafts, cooking, dogs and football.

“For just a couple of hours a week you could help someone feel less isolated and boost their self-esteem.”

Carol Stevens, 43, from Pickering is a volunteer befriender with SWR Mind and says the role is hugely rewarding.

She said: “I like the feeling like I’m helping someone, I enjoy seeing someone smile and gain in confidence.

“I visit and take out a lady in Norton who has anxiety every two weeks for about three hours at a time.”

Volunteers do not need any previous experience as SWR Mind offers full training, out of pocket expenses, group support and development sessions.

Anyone interested in finding out more can call volunteer co-ordinator Natalie Miles on 01723-356562 for an informal chat or email her at;natalie.miles@swrmind.org.uk

SWR Mind can be found on Facebook or via their website; swrmind.org.uk