CHILDREN who released balloons as part of a school project were amazed to receive reports that they had reached Norfolk and France.

Year one pupils at Stokesley Community Primary School launched the balloons to see how far the wind would carry them, as part of their Splendid Skies topic.

The balloons were attached with a postcard containing the school address and the question, “where did I land?”

Year one teacher Tina Burgess said after just three days the first postcard was returned from Norfolk: “The lady who found it said that the blue balloon had just missed the brambles in her garden.”

A week later a postcard arrived from even further afield - from Brittany in France.

Mandy Day, who also teaches Year one, said: “The children have been delighted that people have returned their postcards. We have been astounded to see how far and fast the wind can blow.”