ORGANIC brie and gouda created by a community of adults with learning disabilities have won over celebrity chef Paul Hollywood.

The Great British Bake-Off judge, famous for his meticulous scrutiny of cakes, puddings and breads, is said to have been “genuinely impressed” with the cheeses and produce created by residents of the Camphill VillageTrust (CVT) community in Botton Village, North Yorkshire.

Mr Hollywood visited the community back in October for his latest series, Pies and Puds.

The community, near Danby on the North York Moors, is home to 102 adults with learning disabilities. Food production is a significant part of everyday life at the village, which has five organic farms which rear livestock, produce milk and grow crops.

The crew filmed at Botton’s High Farm and in the village creamery, following the complete cheese-making process, from the cows being milked to the cheese being produced.

Botton residents Ian Hatcher and Rob Rowland, along with creamery manager Alistair Pearson, then travelled down to London to meet the celebrity chef.

The trio were filmed helping the Great British Bake Off host to cook a pie using organic onions and cheese from Botton.

They appeared in this afternoon’s episode (3.45pm, Monday, November 11).

Mr Rowland, who has lived at Botton for more than 25 years, said: “We went to the place where it all happened, with cameras zooming in and everything,” he said.

“Paul Hollywood asked questions about the cheddar, brie and gouda, and he asked me to mash the potatoes for the pie.

“Then we ate it afterwards - he gave us a slice each, just on its own, and it was very nice indeed.”

Huw John, CVT chief executive, said: “It’s fantastic that Botton was chosen to be included in the programme. Everyone there was thrilled to be involved and we are all looking forward to seeing the programme when it is broadcast.”

Series producer Dunk Barnes said: “The Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds team at Spun Gold for BBC were delighted to be given permission to visit the community at Botton for a day of filming.

“The warmth and welcome from everyone we met made it a fantastic day, and we think the film is noteworthy addition to the series.

“Paul was genuinely impressed with the cheeses made by Alastair Pearson and his team of cheese-makers, and really enjoyed cooking with Alastair, Ian and Rob when they visited London for the kitchen filming.”