A COUNCIL is considering scapping a ban on street trading outside a historic market square as part of a drive to boost a city’s economy.

Harrogate Borough Council is appealing for views on ending a street trading policy introduced to Ripon in 1997, which only permitted street trading on the Market Place.

Street trading can include the sale of articles ranging from burgers to Christmas trees by a public road.

The chairman of Ripon Chamber of Trade, the City Development Manager, the Cathedral, councillors and businesses in Kirkgate called for a consultation be carried out with a view to changing the current policy.

The authority’s licensing officials said the study, which will conclude on October 14, would seek to find out if the city’s residents and traders believe the street trading policy had become outdated.

It will also examine if the area in which people could be licensed to street trade should be extended to include other streets, parks and open spaces.

Councillor Stuart Martin, chairman of Harrogate Borough Council’s licensing committee, said: “Like many other market towns, Ripon’s major street trading takes place on the Market Place but, as the city is continually looking to increase footfall and visitors to the city, it has been agreed that the street trading policy be reviewed.

“Street scene is an important aspect of what makes a market town attractive to visitors and also to residents.

“This is a good opportunity to embrace a change to add to the Ripon offer.” To view the consultation document, visit Ripon Town Hall or harrogate.gov.uk/pp/Pages/Street-Trading-Consent.aspx?lgnl The closing date is 14 October 2013.