New light has been shed on a mystery bunker which had baffled a local historian, thanks to readers of the Darlington and Stockton Times.

It’s been revealed the underground bunker in Aiskew, near Bedale which is overgrown by trees and shrubs was built as part of a national network of observation posts during the Cold War. It was designed to monitor and report on nuclear fallout should any bombs be dropped on Britain.

Bedale historian Brian Hall had appealed for help to find out more about the site which was believed to have been a war time base for the Royal Observer Corps. Former BT engineer Paul Cornforth has provided information about the site.

He said :”Bedale’s post was constructed and opened in 1959 and finally closed in 1991. It was subject to regular training exercises in the seventies and eighties when members of the Royal Observer Corps would man it and respond to simulated attacks. I was employed by BT at the time and would regularly pick up the keys to test the communication links.”

There were other local posts at Thirsk, Northallerton, Osmotherly and Upsall as well as Leyburn, Reeth, Aysgarth and Hawes in the Dales.

Brian has also been contacted by two brothers from Leeming Bar who were involved with the bunkers. “I’m so pleased by the response, apparently there was a bunker there during the Second World War and this one was built on the same site.

“I’m hoping to find out a lot more about what went on there, apparently underground there is a large expanse of concrete with not huge amounts of living space. It was designed to withstand a nuclear attack, and was built to last a hundred years. It would be really interesting to get in there. I’m hoping we can get hold of some photographs, and also find out about the other bunkers.

“It has been very worthwhile. We knew the readers of the Darlington and Stockton Times would be able to help.”