A PLANNING inquiry into the development of 193 homes in Stokesley has today (Tuesday, April 30) resumed in Northallerton.

The proposals to build 193 homes and business premises on land at White House Farm, Stokesley, were refused outline planning permission by Hambleton District Council last year with one of the main objections being the insufficient number of affordable housing in the scheme.

The applicants, Northumbrian Land, appealed against the decision, and the inquiry is expected to conclude tomorrow. (Wednesday, May 1)

The inquiry, at the Evolution Centre, Northallerton, opened with John Hunter, representing the appellant, questioning Richard Shield from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, also working on behalf of Northumbrian Land.

Mr Shield told planning inspector Kath Ellison he had made different appraisals for different percentages of affordable housing on the site.

He said: “The appraisal with 15 per cent affordable housing is based on giving a profit of 20 per cent in gross revenue; an appraisal with 20 per cent affordable housing is based on a reduced profit.

“An appraisal for 44 per cent affordable housing that the council states is viable would see the land value fall into negative figures.”

Mr Shield added that the land market is based on what a land owner believes they can get for their land.

He also said the build costs would be at a high end level because of the quality of the proposed development.

The inquiry is due to conclude tomorrow. (Wednesday, May 1)