AS a disabled council tenant, I recently asked Durham City Homes (who took over the housing stock) if they would skim the walls in the back bedroom.

I was told to apply for planning permission.

“What? Is it not an alteration,” I asked?

I explained that the house, when I received it, had previously been used as a brothel.

When I was given the keys from the then housing manager there were typhoid notices in the property and warnings telling people to keep out – these were all ignored.

I was told I would not be getting my bedroom re-skimmed, it would be “made good.”

On the news on the night Durham Police and Durham County Council were on television urging property owners (not tenants) to “apply for funding to do up vandalised properties”.

This was part of a scheme to re-let empty properties in a habitable condition , but I cannot even get my room skimmed.

Perhaps if I was a member of Durham County Cricket Club it may get done.

Peter C Clark, Sherburn Hill