E A Gittins’ second nasty, ignorant jibe (HAS, Feb 1) reminds this Tow Law-known crime victim of my never-arrested harassers - including trolls.

I have CCTV cameras, safer replacements for my thug-‘bricked’ front window panes, and (legal) protest notices. (“You must be able to do something, otherwise you’re left with that helpless feeling,” said Victim Support.) Gittins deliberately misquoted “I cross Durham City’s cathedralview bridge…. on the paving slabs…. I can’t manage the cobbles”

(Disability hate HAS, Sept 27 2017) as: he’s (I’m) “still able to walk up the cobbles… to the Market Place”

(HAS, Oct 5 2017). Yet no comment on the sort of motorised scooter user who doesn’t walk with a stick….

County Council-declared “vulnerable”-registered disabled, I form-filled/produced medical evidence for a three years overdue (un-notified entitlement) bus pass.

You write of my “pious principles?” whereas my community spirited principles (‘Big Bang’ HAS, Jan 12 2017) shamed the status quo into installing supposedly council-monitored CCTV cameras in this speeding motorists-beset village. (We need a push-button pedestrian crossings now.) Gittins? My legal-scandal letters were prophetic – your attacks are pathetic.

Try reading my and others’ serious (and humorous) letters in this campaigning daily newspaper properly - or do our concerns point up your deficiencies?

Yours, taught to give as good as I get.

Steve Lawson, Tow Law