VOLUNTEERS are needed to help families play traditional sports, enjoy picnics, and have fun in the grounds of a North-East estate brimming with history.

Plans are being made for open spaces known as “The Bounds” to be opened up at Ushaw, near Durham, so they can be enjoyed by members of the public.

And to support the initiative, a pop-up café with toilets is being created in the John Boste Centre – formerly the gardener’s room – to supply refreshments as well as bats and balls for the games. Picnic tables will also be set up outside.

Ushaw has now launched an urgent “DIY SOS” appeal for volunteers to help create the pop-up café, starting on May 23 and 24, between 9.30am and 4.30pm. The volunteers are needed to clean and paint the rooms, scrub the floors and toilets, pick up equipment, and move furniture. 

An Ushaw spokesman said: “It’s short notice but the aim is to get it open by the half-term holidays.”
Ushaw was formerly a Catholic seminary and has been reopened as an increasingly popular cultural centre, staging events and exhibitions, and housing a cluster of creative businesses.

Going back in history, The Bounds were specific areas designated for recreation and sport. Traditional sports played at Ushaw included a rounders-like game called Cat, as well as handball and “keeping-up”.

Anyone who can help with the DIY SOS appeal should telephone Ushaw on 0191 3345119, email meet@ushaw.org, or make contact at www.facebook.com/ushawdurham