A FORMER factory worker left in agony after repetitive work led him to develop carpal tunnel syndrome has revealed how he has secured a six-figure compensation settlement.

Steven Baird, 43, from Consett, developed pain and stiffness in his hands shortly after moving into the paint plant at Grorud Engineering at the end of 2013, where the task of preparing car parts for painting required him to repeatedly bend and flex his wrists at an extremely fast pace.

While he initially thought nothing of it, the symptoms worsened to the point where he sought advice from his GP.

Following a range of tests, he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in March 2014 and has since undergone several surgical procedures in an effort to alleviate the symptoms.

Mr Baird said: “I have to take a lot of medication to manage the pain caused by my condition and it is just very hard to accept that all of this was caused by my work.

“It is frustrating that I was never warned at any point about the risks or given any equipment to protect me from harm.”

While further surgery has improved the feeling in Mr Baird’s hands, he has gone on to develop complex regional pain syndrome and still struggles to use his hands on a daily basis.

After determining that his problems may be linked to his work, Mr Baird instructed specialist workplace illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell’s Newcastle office to investigate his case.

Now, after the experts helped him secure a settlement from Grorud Engineering, he has revealed how he is now looking to put the experience behind him.

He said: “While nothing will change what has happened, I am happy to have secured a settlement and hope to move forward with my life.

“I hope my story is a reminder to employers of the need to make health and safety a priority. No one else should face the problems I have been through.”