A TINY dog has found internet fame after being rescued from a puppy farm where she would have been drowned in a slurry pit.

Chihuahua Brie weighed just one pound and suffered from post-traumatic shock after being kept in darkness on the puppy farm.

The little dog is believed to have been kept in a cage in her own filth, with little food or veterinary care, where she was kept for her puppies.

After having two litters, she faced being drowned in a slurry pit - but was rescued just in time.

Brie, three, now has 14,500 followers on Instagram after being adopted by new owner Claire Stokoe.

Ms Stokoe was looking for a new chihuahua when she spotted pictures of Brie online and fell in love with her.

The 42-year-old decided to travel more than 300 miles from her home in Consett, County Durham, to Carmarthenshire in Wales to adopt her.

Ms Stokoe decided to name Brie after Lady Brienne of Tarth from TV series Game of Thrones.

She said: "I was going through a really bad time with post-traumatic shock and depression after losing my mum.

"I thought if anyone can help her I can. I was warned she probably wouldn't walk off lead, she wouldn't eat properly, she wouldn't show any affection and she would have health problems. But she is really proving everyone wrong."

Ms Stokoe, who has three other chihuahuas, decided to adopt Brie after her 19-year-old chihuahua Uma died.

Ms Stokoe said: "When I got her, she weighed less than a kilo. Nobody thought she was going to live, she looked like she was on death's door. Even after a few days I didn't think she could make it, but I thought at least she is here and comfortable.

"She couldn't even open her eyes when it was light because she was used to darkness. Her legs bend in the wrong way. I am guessing she has had a break or a couple of breaks and they have been left to heal on their own."

Ms Stokoe created an Instagram account for her pet to document her journey.

After almost a year of care from Ms Stokoe, Brie now weighs three-and-a-half pounds is now looking the picture of good health.

She said: "I realised I didn't have that many photos so I thought I would set up an Instagram account for her and it really started to take off.

"I get two or three packages delivered for her every week, mostly of clothes which people have made for her.

"She just cheers people up, it is good to know that Brie is making people happy. She is a totally different dog to what she was."