A BIKING community has roared into life to support a young boy who has autism.

Ten-year-old Jack Warwick, from Chester-le-Street, has been a bit low of late and when a group of local motorcyclists heard, they decided to cheer him up.

Over 300 bikers left the town’s Tesco store at noon on Sunday and arrived outside Jack’s home in Cotswold Avenue on the Garden Farm Estate.

Organiser Grant Robson, 42, who is from Chester-le-Street, and part of the North-East Bikers’ group, said: “We do a lot of work for charity and we came across a page on Facebook. It said he has got autism and has been having a hard time of it.

“We did this to show him some support.”

His mother, Sarah Warwick, 39, said he was ‘shocked and overwhelmed’ by the visit.

She said: “He could not believe that everyone has turned up just for him.

“Our neighbours were out supporting us, but I don’t think everyone on the estate was too happy because it was a bit busy.

“The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was very friendly. The bikers were amazing and he really wants to see them again.”

Jack lives with his dad, Michael, 41, and brother and sister, Ben and Rebecca, who are both 16.

Mrs Warwick said Jack has been feeling a bit low recently and is a little bit socially isolated as a result of his autism.

She said: “He had the biggest smile on his face for a very long time.

“He was one happy little boy.”