A GAS engineer saved the life of a pensioner during a routine visit to her home when she suffered a stroke.

On the day of her annual gas servicing, Nora Stannard began to feel unwell during a visit to the shops and returned to her home in Errol Place, Birtley, by taxi.

Gas engineer Gavin Turnbull was already waiting when she arrived and immediately could tell something was wrong.

He said: “She said she felt dizzy, so I sat her down in a chair and called an ambulance.”

He then alerted Mrs Stannard’s neighbour and waited until the ambulance arrived.

Mrs Stannard spent two and a half months in hospital while she recovered.

However, as soon as she was well enough, the 76-year-old contacted Gateshead Housing Company to track down Gavin so she could thank him in person.

She said: “I’m over the moon that I got the chance to meet Gavin and thank him – if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here.

“I’ve thought about him a lot, so I was chuffed when the housing company arranged for me to meet him. I want him to know how grateful I am.”