A SOCIAL landlord says survey shows tenants are happy with its service.

Cestria Community Housing, which owns 4,300 former council houses in Chester-le-Street, polled 4,000 tenants.

1,467 (35 per cent ) people responded and the not-for-profit company says 90.8 per cent of them are satisfied overall with what it does.

This is one per cent up on last year, and Cestria says, 20.8 per cent up on 2006 when the homes were council managed.

88.3 per cent said they were satisfied with the overall quality of their home compared to 83.2% last year.

82.2 per cent agreed with the statement that Cestria cares about its tenants compared to 75.1 per cent last year.

83.9 per cent are satisfied with repairs and maintenance compared to 78.1 per cent last year Action against anti-social behaviour got a satisfied rating from 60.3 per cent of respondents.

Martin Warhurst, Cestria's Director of Finance and Corporate Services, said: "We are really pleased to see that satisfaction has increased across the different areas of services we provide and this is credit to the hard work, commitment and dedication of our staff."