CHILDREN have been getting a taste of live performing with a stage show for their parents.

Pupils from three primary schools sang and danced for the audience at the Gala Theatre in Durham on Wednesday.

The Primary Partnership Musical Showcase involved youngsters from Brandon, Langley Moor and Tanfield Lea, singing en masse before the bill was broken down into school musical groups and individual performers.

Year five pupil Freya Tallentire, ten, from Tanfield Lea, sang Somewhere Out There from An American Tail while the Ukelele Ensemble performed I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and King of the Swingers from The Jungle Book.

Tanfield Lea Community Primary School headteacher Kay Hemmings said: “We wanted to do something with regards to music and it is to give them the opportunity to perform on a professional stage in professional conditions with lights and microphones.

“The idea is for them to share that music experience together as well as enjoy and the appreciate the performances of the individual groups.

“Everyone had a great time and it was very well received by the parents.

“We will be repeating it next year.”