PARENTS are being urged by the emergency services not to send children to sleepovers at soft play centres without the correct safety measures.

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has raised concerns about the trend and taken action against venues hosting such events.

Head of fire safety Richie Rickaby said: “Some soft play centres have begun to offer sleepovers as an extension to hosting children’s parties.

"However, this is a completely different intended use for the building and is unlikely to comply with the fire safety regulations required for businesses who provide sleeping accommodation."

Targeted inspections on premises resulted in two Prohibition Notices being served to stop such events and advisory letters being sent to a number of organisations.

Parents are urged to contact the Business Fire Safety Team at if they know of a soft play business, or similar, offering sleepovers so this type of party is not booked without checks that the necessary fire regulations have been complied with.