CARE home residents were treated to the adventures of Captain Underpants when primary school pupils visited for National Storytelling Week.

Year five pupils from South Stanley Junior School, in Stanley, shared extracts from the popular illustrated children’s series with elderly residents at Pelton Grange Care Home, Pelton, near Chester-le-Street.

Alongside Captain Underpants novels, the ten young visitors also read Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, among other favourites from their school library.

The care home residents gave each of the children, aged nine and ten, a gift bag to say ‘thank you’.

It included a gel pen, notebook, ruler and pencil. They also shared juice and biscuits during the visit.

Resident Dennis Fullerton said: “It was absolutely marvellous. They did an amazing job and were a credit to the school.”

Christopher Hogan-Hind, home manager at Pelton Grange Care Home, is also a former pupil from South Stanley Junior School.

He said: “It was lovely to arrange a visit from pupils at my old school. They all said they had a lovely time and, when asked if they want to return, they all said ‘yes’.

“We’re planning on running an arts and crafts or baking session for the end of the month when we hope to see the pupils again.”