AN organisation has invested a sum of money into a community-based company.

Arts Council England announced that it is investing £92,013 of National Lottery funding in Gateway Studios in Gateshead, with hopes of enhancing the diversity of the arts and cultural sector.

Gateway Studios, a dance company, has been awarded funding through the Arts Council’s Elevate programme so that it can extend and develop several roles within the organisation, such as its artistic director, administrator and fundraiser.

The funding will also be used to strengthen Gateway Studios’ infrastructure, financial resilience and skills through organisational development, training and strategy development.

Gateway Studios will form partnerships with Phoenix Dance Theatre and Northern Stage as well as seeking new partnerships with Northern cultural and educational organisations.

In total Arts Council England is investing £4.3 million of National Lottery funding in 45 organisations across the country, aiming to enhance the diversity of the arts and cultural sector.

This round of Elevate aimed to address the under-representation of people with disabilities and people from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds across the sector, and therefore 41 of the 45 organisations receiving funding are BME and/or disability led.

Jane Tarr, director of North Arts Council England said: “It’s fantastic to see Gateway Studios awarded Elevate funding, giving them the opportunity to develop and grow stronger as an organisation."

“Our Elevate programme aims to capture and support voices from a diverse range of backgrounds and ultimately allow the arts to be more inclusive.

“Gateway already provide opportunities to communities in Gateshead including support for children from particularly vulnerable backgrounds.

This fund will also allow the organisation to develop their infrastructure and strengthen its partnerships with leading dance organisations across the North including Phoenix Dance Theatre and Northern Stage, as well as creating opportunities for new partnerships.”

Individual grants were available for between £75,000 and £100,000, with some organisations also receiving additional funds to manage personal access costs.