A LEGAL expert from Durham Law School who has shaped new laws on extreme pornography and upskirting has been appointed an honorary Queen’s Counsel (QC).

Professor Clare McGlynn’s research has shaped new laws criminalising image-based sexual abuse, the taking or sharing of private, sexual images without consent.

She has worked with politicians, policy makers and organisations including Rape Crisis and End Violence Against Women to strengthen current laws.

Her research, identifying the failure of the extreme pornography definition in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act (2008) to cover rape pornography was part of a national campaign for reform. As a result, a change to the law was included in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015

Prof McGlynn said: “It’s pleasing the honour recognises the work that has been done to raise the issues of equality and women’s rights in the legal profession and to shape laws relating to crimes that can have such a negative impact on victims’ lives.”