KARATE kid Olivia Reid has been awarded Student of the Year at her club.

The 15-year-old, from Consett, trains at JS Karate Academy, in North Yorkshire, and is coached by a current member of the England squad and was also the England youth coach.

She has been practising the martial art for two years and after taking part in 16 national competitions last year she won 14 medals, seven of which are gold.

Olivia will be flying out to Cyprus in May to take part in the Karate 1 Youth League competition.

Last year she entered and finished 21st out of 64.

Her mother, Joanne, said: “She has to travel a long way to train every week.

“She makes me proud beyond words and amazes me every day with her dedication, hard work and commitment to her sport.

“Most people start competing quite young, some as young as six and although Olivia started karate at eight she was at a local club that didn’t compete so we knew nothing of the outside karate world.

“She is pretty new to the competition circuit but has had huge success in a short time.”

“She has the ability to reach the top of her sport and with her amazing attitude.

“I don’t doubt her for a second.”