A FILM about Durham Miners' Gala is being released on DVD this month.

The Big Meeting, a documentary about the annual celebration of Durham's former mining communities, was made at the 2018 event.

Production company Shut Out The Light were given full access to capture the event from all angles over the course of the day.

The film will be released on DVD tomorrow, with a host of extras including deleted scenes, interviews and featurettes, and the option of subtitles.

Director Dan Draper said: “After a successful run in cinemas and great feedback across the country, I'm really pleased that people own their copy of The Big Meeting.

“I hope it serves as a memento of all that is glorious about the Durham Miners' Gala and encourages and inspires people to attend and support the Gala for years to come.”

Hosted by the Durham Miners Association (DMA) since 1871, the Gala has undergone a resurgence in recent years, becoming one of the region’s biggest events once again.

More than 200,000 people now pack the streets of Durham every second Saturday in July.