MEMBERS of the Durham Army Cadet Force (ACF) were crowned as national first aid champions for the seventh time when they competed against uniformed young people from across the UK.

Cadets were able to demonstrate practical first aid skills in the cadet forces national and inter-services competitions. Army cadets, sea cadets, Royal Marines and St John Ambulance tackled a range of demanding and realistic scenarios both as individuals and as teams.

Over two days 16 scenarios, mostly in an outdoor setting, tested the cadets with realistic emergencies aided by dramatic casualty make-up.

A spokesperson said: “Our teams performed to an amazing standard once again coming out on top in both the cadet and seniors competition streams.

“Durham ACF have once again maintained the national standard set in 2018.

“Our cadet team was crowned as national first aid champions for the Seventh time. Meanwhile our young adult pair fought to be in second place by just 10 points. Our first national win was in 2010.”

Over the years Durham ACF have also been crowned as Inter Services Cadet Winners in 2013 and 2014 and inter services young seniors champions in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Durham’s senior team was formed by Sergeant Instructor (SI) Connor Benson and SI Christopher Harrison both 20 from Stanley, County Durham. The cadet team was led Sergeant Zak Bodur, 16 from Birtley along with Corporal Lauren Coxon 16 from Washington, Corporal Bethany Curry, 15 from Chester le Street and Lance Corporal Demmine Williams, 16 from Stanley.

Lieutenant Colonel Neil Foster, Commandant Durham ACF, said “It is outstanding that Durham ACF have maintained the national standard.

“I am thrilled that our teams continue to thrive on a national platform in first aid. Using their practical skills learnt to deal with real life situations and once again coming out on top nationally.”