A DOCUMENTARY about Durham's Miners' Gala is set to be released in cinemas this week.

The Big Meeting, which was first shown at the event in July, is being released in UK cinemas on Friday.

Made by Shut The Light, the film coincides with the 150th anniversary of Durham Miners' Association, which organises the gala.

Director, producer and writer Daniel Draper said: “Visiting and filming the Gala in 2016, I was exposed to the colour, noise and environment for the first time.

"It’s something I’ve struggled to articulate into words to people ever since. I don’t think words can do justice to such an occasion - I feel like the Gala is a living and breathing organism, something not static, but immovable - a celebration of working-class life, not just today, but almost as if it takes place in the past and future simultaneously. I suppose this film is an elaborate explanation of something wonderful and beyond words.”

It is on at the Gala Theatre, Durham, from September 6-12.