YOUNG adults with a wide range of disabilities have enjoyed a Hawaiian-themed party.

The event was organised by members of staff at Learning for Life, in Consett, which provides a personalised approach to learning.

Principal Marie Matthewson said: “Every member of staff has volunteered their spare time to do this because they want to.”

Group leader Helen Hodge, who organised the event, said: “We hold a social event every month. They have been out for a night to restaurant and we have done lots of other things.

“The staff and learners gone all out to organise the event. The students did a lot of work making the leaves and headbands Hawaiian leis and headbands.

“It keeps them focused and gives them something to do. There are a lot of skills involved and it’s good for their dexterity.”

The charity has an education and a social unit in Consett and has opened a cafe called Oasis for Life in Citizen’s House.