PEOPLE using shopping streets as a public toilet face prosecution, a Wearside commerce group has warned.

Sunderland Business Improvement District (BID) has said such behaviour is 'absolutely unacceptable' and 'will not be tolerated'

It follows a "very specific incident" in the city centre on Wednesday, August 14.

The BID team is responsible for creating a "welcoming, safe, clean and attractive" city centre in Sunderland and has issued the to stop people "defecating and urinating in public".

In a Facebook post the Sunderland BID team wrote: “Disappointingly we’ve seen an increase in people thinking it is absolutely acceptable to defecate or urinate in public in our city centre. This will not be tolerated.

“Anyone who observes this behaviour should report it to Northumbria Police on 101. It is a Public Order offence at minimum and individuals will be charged.

“Help us keep our city centre clean.”