A GEOGRAPHY teacher who has been accredited with the United Nations as a climate change ambassador will this week host a series of special events at her school.

Suzanne Nesbitt, who works at The Durham Federation, in Ushaw Moor, will co-ordinate activities, from today until Wednesday.

The events include designing clothes from recycled materials, exploring poetry and music of protest, cooking food which uses reduced air miles and designing more environmentally-friendly resources for food packaging in the school canteen.

There will also be recycled sports games, den building, monitoring air pollution and creating an art installation.

On Wednesday, students will perform, participate in workshops and share the best of their work, with live music, a fashion show and a science fair.

Ms Nesbitt said: “I have been interested in climate change for as long as I can remember, it has become a real passion of mine. I first realised there was a need to delve deeper into this climate crisis with my students when delivering enrichment lessons focusing on our planet. They were engaged with the documentaries and had endless questions about the impacts, how it would affect them and what could be done to stop it. The information I learnt on the course was astounding and we really need to provide our students with knowledge to empower them to make decisions that can make a difference.”