URBAN explorers are being warned not to enter abandoned buildings.

Ushaw College, near Durham, has recently seen an increase in people visiting their old seminary to take photos.

These photos are being placed on social media which encourages others to visit, but now the college has reported that the building itself is unstable.

Commercial manager, Jonathan Ward, said: “They are risking their lives and we don’t want anyone to be hurt. The vast majority of the buildings on the historic estate are in active use, attracting more than 40,000 visitors last year. Meanwhile, options are being considered for the future use of the remaining disused building.

“It’s a relatively small part of the estate but the costs involved in security and protection are detracting from our core objective of maximising the potential of this magnificent estate.”

PC Ryan Brown said: “Often visitors are damaging the buildings to gain entry and are in fact trespassing.”