STUDENTS have agreed to lobby in favour of a North-East university naming a new college after Mo Mowlam.

Durham Students' Union (DSU) says it will campaign for Durham University's 17th college to be named after the politician, who was MP for Redcar and is an alumni of the institution.

The DSU assembly passed a motion last week agreeing to the move.

Describing her as inspirational and one of Durham's most successful alumni, the motion said the college should be named after a woman with strong links to the city.

The Northern Echo:

It cited her role in the Northern Irish peace process, her advocacy for cancer research and her cheerfulness in the face of adversity as reasons for her to be selected.

In 2018, the DSU launched a "College McCollegeface" campaign, after it was suggested the college could be named after a donor, and came up with a shortlist of possible candidates.

Currently referred to as "South College", the new college is under construction at Mount Oswald, off South Road, and is expected to open in 2020.