A NEW luxury cinema has won a bid to extend its opening hours despite noise fears.

Odeon, which is opening a cinema in Durham, has been given permission to extend their opening hours to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, and 1am on other days.

And on 10 occasions every year, the cinema can open until 3am.

During council consultation, City of Durham Parish Council said changes could cause disruption to people living in the area, while Durham Police said “a precedent could be set” around late night closures.

Parish councillor Roger Cornwell said: “The original planning application struck a balance between the operator’s desire to make a profit and the need of local people to have an undisturbed night’s sleep."

Members of a Durham County Council planning committee approved the changes.

Cllr John Clare said: “If you live in the city centre have to expect you’re living in a busy commercial hub and part of a city centre is the night time economy."

“It’s important to the city, county’s visitor economy, to a thriving city centre and bluntly, it will be vital to the survival of the cinema.”