A TEENAGER who slashed a man across the face with a knife while drinking at a house party was told to expect a prison sentence of some length.

Judge Christopher Prince gave the warning to Jordan Boyle after he admitted a charge of unlawful and malicious wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, at a Durham Crown Court plea hearing.

It stems from the attack at a house in Stanley, on February 17.

Judge Prince adjourned sentence to allow for preparation of a background report on 19-year-old Boyle, of Rydal Avenue, South Moor, Stanley.

But he asked that the report author addresses the issue of Boyle’s “dangerousness”, which would have a bearing on the ultimate sentence to be passed.

The judge also asked for an updated impact statement from the victim, who suffered a long single slash wound across the face.

Remanding Boyle in custody, pending sentence on May 24, Judge Prince told him: “You will receive a custodial sentence, it’s only a case of how long that sentence will be and the nature of it.”