THE newest stained glass window at Durham Cathedral has been unveiled in memory of student who died suddenly.

The vibrant stained glass window has been installed in memory of Durham University student Sara Pilkington, who died in 2012 during her final year at Collingwood College.

The window is on the north side of the cathedral, looking onto the university, shedding kaleidoscopic patterns on the shrine of St Cuthbert.

The Northern Echo:

Artist Mel Howse with her Illumination Window at Durham Cathedral

Sara’s parents, Jonathan and Jools Pilkington, who funded the new commission, said it was a fitting memorial.

They said: "Illumination means to bring in light and our beautiful daughter, Sara, brought so much love and light into our lives. Her smile lit up the world of those around her."

Canon Chancellor of Durham Cathedral, Charlie Allen, said: "I think it's a beautiful addition to the cathedral. The Illumination Window, by the name, inspires a sense of bringing light. It's really symbolic that it's in memory of Sara. I didn't know her, but I understand she brought a lot of light into so many lives."

The Northern Echo:

Sara Pilkington, who died in 2012 during her final year at Durham University

Artist Mel Howse said: "I feel very close to it and now it's here. It's installed in the building and is part of the fabric of this amazing cathedral so I'm a very lucky lady but I hope it brings people a lot of joy."