A STROKE victim from Chester-le-Street is supporting a national campaign highlighting the benefits of swimming for physical health.

Steve Wright is a Type 2 diabetic who was diagnosed nearly a decade ago but had never taken his health seriously.

After suffering a stroke in 2018, he realised he needed to take action.

He worked with a medical professional who suggested he try swimming and he has seen remarkable health improvements in the last six months.

His diabetes is now under control and he’s looking forward to a healthier future.

Mr Wright said: “The benefits of swimming physically, mentally, socially, have been massive. If I can help inspire just one person to give swimming a go, I will be absolutely delighted.”

Swim England is urging the medical profession to be more proactive in prescribing swimming as part of a programme of activity to manage conditions and aid recovery.

Spokesperson Elaine McNish said: “To have the support of people like Steve who’ve experienced the benefits swimming can have is fantastic. I hope it inspires others to try and transform their health.”