A MAN caught helping to get drugs, mobile phones and a flick knife into a North-East prison is now behind bars himself.

David John Ireland, 34, from North Shields, has been given a 16-month prison sentence after previously pleading guilty to three counts of conveying a prohibited article into prison.

Ireland was caught on CCTV in his black Ford Mondeo near HMP Northumberland accompanied by two unidentified passengers in January 2017.

He remained in the car while the two other men, who disguised their identities, threw a large package through a hole in the prison fence.

The package was quickly intercepted by prison staff, and after it was put through an X-Ray machine, was found to contain a number of mobile phones, chargers, unknown substances, a lock flick knife and razor blades.

After forensic examination, the substances were found to be controlled Class C drugs, Diazepam and Oxymetholone.

Ireland was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday.

Detective Constable Lucie Holland said: “While the package was quickly intercepted by vigilant prison staff, it’s clear that there would have been significant consequences if it had got into the wrong hands.

“I’m glad to see that Ireland has been locked up.”