A DRONE is being flown at Newcastle Internal Airport as part measures to test detection systems.

The operation is being carried out following the latest incident at Heathrow earlier in the week.

Flights from the London airport were suspended for around an hour on Tuesday night after a drone was spotted.

A spokesman for Newcastle International Airport said: “Passengers and members of the public are advised that we are flying a drone at the airport today.

“This is to test our drone detection systems.”

The incident on Tuesday came three weeks after drone sightings caused chaos at Gatwick, affecting the Christmas travel plans of 140,000 passengers as the runway was closed.

The Department for Transport said the Government is now working with the aviation industry to explore technical solutions.

Operators Association, a trade association representing UK airports, is considering whether it wants the Government to introduce legislation which would make it mandatory for drones to be fitted with geo-fencing technology to stop them entering no-fly zones, such as airports.