TWO businesswomen have written a handbook to help people with their emotional wellbeing after getting £3,500 of investment from the internet.

Elizabeth Scott, from Durham, and Jenny Evans, from Willington, who run Rainbows End, a company offering emotional wellbeing workshops, have spent a year writing the guide after raising the money needed in an online crowdfunding campaign.

The Emotional Wellbeing Handbook combines some of the techniques and ideas they have been using over the last decade to give people guidance on how to have good mental health.

Ms Scott said: “It’s really the culmination of ten years of our business. We do one-to-one coaching and workshops and we felt the exercises and the tools and techniques we use can benefit a much wider audience.

“It’s a workbook so you have to go through the exercises, do a bit of soul searching and digging into your psyche and have a good think about what you’re doing and how you can do it better, or more easily or more successfully.”

She added: “It’s our view that there are things we can all do to look after that aspect of our health.”

The book is aimed at adults but they are hoping to produce one for children in the next few months.

It is available from independent retailers in the area, from their business and Amazon.