DURHAM Area Action Partnership (Durham AAP) will be discussing the County Durham Plan at its next board meeting on Wednesday, July 18.

The County Durham Plan will set out how much development will take place in County Durham over the next 17 years. This will include how many houses are needed, where shops and businesses will be developed, what new roads are planned and how the local environment will be enhanced and protected.

Durham AAP is being consulted as part of the process and people are invited to attend the board meeting which starts at 6pm at County Hall in Durham. The county council’s head of planning, Stuart Timmiss will be at the meeting to do a short presentation of the proposed plan and answer any questions.

Craig Morgan, Durham AAP coordinator said: “The plan will have an impact on the area for decades, so it’s really important that the county council hear what people have to say about their proposals.”

People attending the meeting will also be able to hear about how Durham AAP is getting on with allocating £145,000 to local community groups and there will also be an update from the police and health services.

For more information on Durham AAP and on the board meeting people should contact 03000 264991 / dcaap@durham.gov.uk