CHARITIES and other qualifying groups have been invited to take up office space in an east Durham building – for free.

Lee House in Yoden Way, Peterlee, already houses several charities, but there is still lots of space left.

Centric Community Projects (CCP) charity co-ordinator Charlotte Russo said: “Once all the charities are in they can all network together and this has great rewards for the local community.

“We have seen in our other buildings charities flourishing before our eyes and the opportunity to network with other charities in one place is limitless.

“This additional space can be just what a charity needs in order to aid their growth and development.”

The CCP provides workspace, offices, storage, training or meeting rooms around the country and creates charity hubs in empty commercial buildings.

Space can be offered free of charge to charities, community interest companies, sports clubs, non-profit organisations, community groups, artiss or business start-ups by unemployed, disabled or disadvantaged people.

Ms Russo said: “We are able to do this because landlords donate their empty commercial offices and buildings to us rather than leave them unused.

“You can use this space for any of your charitable activities, for example admin, office, meetings, storage also archive storage or as a training facility.

“This is totally free of charge with no rent, rates or utility bills to pay -if you decide to put in a phone line or WI-FI connection that would be at your own cost.”

The occupation is through a simple six-month rolling license. At the end of the initial licence another is granted if the building remains empty.

Anybody interested can contact Ms Russo on 01908-667750 or email