THE clerk of a parish council which has opposed all wind farms near its village wants to build a turbine - in a private capacity.

Alastair Mackenzie wants to erect a small-scale turbine on a farm near Sadberge to combat climate change.

Mr Mackenzie, who acts as parish clerk to Sadberge Parish Council, said his plans were as a private individual and not connected to his council role.

He admitted one resident had accused of hypocrisy, because the parish council was opposed to any commercial development near the village.

He said that because the turbine would be only 20m high, none of the council's reasons for opposition would be valid.

He said his turbine would not have a visual impact on the village, not affect its residents because of noise or shadow flicker and not impact on airport radar.

Mr Mackenzie said: "I'm very concerned about climate change and the impact it will have in 30 to 40 years' time.

"I want to genuinely offset our carbon emissions from car travel and airport travel and reduce CO2 emissions."

The proposed turbine would be on land at Newton Grange Farm, which would benefit from electricity produced.

Mr Mackenzie would gain returns via a climate energy cash-back scheme.

He has written to all residents to explain the position.

He has received five responses, some supportive and some against.

One resident believed the application could be a kick in the teeth which would provide a precedent for larger turbines.