BUSINESSES may need to consider a new, more flexible culture which includes letting staff work more from home, if they hope to adapt and survive following lockdown.

The advice comes from Darlington-based HR2day has been working closely with businesses throughout the lockdown, including those who have furloughed staff.

As workplaces begin to reopen, HR2day to integrate a “new business culture” in order to create a more positive and productive working environment, after businesses have reported workers have been afraid to return to work following furlough or working from home.

Nicky Jolley, founder and managing director of HR2day, said: “Many people have been away from the physical working environment for ten weeks or more, and people get used to different working habits.

“I recommend an open dialogue between managers and employees, including additional training when needed or if you’ve never had a work from home policy offering the flexibility for this.

“This is a chance for real culture change, to get the most out of your employees and place increased focus on their wellbeing so that they can focus on your clients.”