A TALENTED five-year-old golfer made an impressive hit at Blackwell Grange Golf Club, achieving the first hole in one in the Junior Academy Course.

Joseph Holden, from Darlington, hit a smooth seven-iron on the third hole of the course landing the ball near the hole after which it rolled straight in – landing the youngster in the hole in one club.

Joseph takes part in the Junior Academy Course and is the youngest member to take part at five-years-old, making his achievement even more impressive.

Adrian Holden, Joseph's father, said: “Joseph is very happy with himself.

"He’s straight away talking about when he’s going to get the next one, so he’s pretty keen. I think it’s got him a little bit more interested.

“He’s part of the Junior Academy Course, so he’s been having lessons with the pro down there.

"Aaron Cox who runs the course has done so much work with the kids. He’s managed to get together all the funding for the course and all of the lessons. He also runs competitions for them and got all the kids really excited about it.

“Joseph is really started getting his teeth in after Aaron started the club up.”