A MAN is running up and down his street 21 times at lunch time every day to raise money for the National Health Service while wearing a collection of one football club's shirts.

Michael Cansfield, from Catterick, is running seven miles on his lunch break every day this week - a mile is roughly three laps of the street he lives on in York - to raise money for NHS Charities, while also wearing Darlington Football Club shirts.

Starting the challenge on Good Friday, Mr Cansfield ran five miles for a week, then six for the following, and now seven. The distance will continue to go up in increments of one.

For the first 100 miles, the 46-year-old dressed as various superheroes. He is now wearing Darlington FC shirts for 100 miles and will continue changing the theme - and raising money - until lockdown ends.

The man, who is a commentator for Darlington's away games but otherwise a full time business analyst, has around 20 of the team's previous shirts spanning over 30 years.

The Northern Echo:

"For the 200th mile, I'll be wearing the classic '96 shirt with an orange felt square on it. That's the year Darlington made it to Wembley for the first time," Mr Cansfield, who also volunteers for the NHS, said.

"Fundraising just feels right. My sister-in-law is a paramedic so I wanted to show some solidarity with the NHS. I feel a bit helpless at home while they are doing really amazing stuff."

The Northern Echo:

Living at the start of a cul-de-sac, Mr Cansfield doesn't often see other residents on the street, who are elderly, but the fundraising has encouraged greater community spirit and they now have a WhatsApp group chat. He also has a whiteboard outside his house so he can mark off the laps he does each day, also detailing how much money has been raised of his £500 goal.

"This way, my elderly neighbours also get to see a face running around," he added.

To donate or find out more, search 'Michael's Vesper Drive run' on fundraising site Just Giving or click here.

The Northern Echo: